Has this happened to you?

You are sitting in your office, desk piled high with projects, deadlines looming, time running out to get that report to the state agencies, principals, or superintendent, and the phone rings:

"Hi, this is Betty at XYZ Elementary. I can't remember what I signed up for in my staff development classes. Could you look up my information for me?"

or maybe it is

"Hi, how many more hours of staff development do I need to complete requirements?"

or maybe it is the auditor from the state, calling with:

"I need  a report of who has attended all high quality classes, how many hours have been taught in those areas, who the instructors were, and I need that e-mailed immediately!"

Has this happened to you?


We know it has, and that is why we would like to introduce you to your new staff development assistant . . . your new best friend, someone that is going to free up your time from the mundane tasks of looking up information for professional and service personnel . . .


Integrity Developers is chartered to deliver solutions to our clients' most time consuming tasks utilizing dynamic ASP web technology. Today, we are helping businesses implement effective web solutions for information management.

Our development process supports full-lifecycle development from requirements, analysis and design, through implementation, testing, deployment, training, & maintenance.

Our experience allows us to deliver high level, sophisticated ASP web page design services at a reasonable cost in a timely manner customized to your exact needs.

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